Lucky charms

Tonight is my 70's costume party.  I cannot wait!!  At first my friend and I were worried that
no-one would dress up (as it's whole families, not just a bunch of teen-agers), but it seems as if EVERYBODY is going to!!
I made 3 cakes: one for me.  one for Cora.  one for Jordan.
So...I baked the strawberry cake first, and it completely fell APART!!!  AGGH....but thankfully I fixed it when I put icing on it.  THEN I made a vanilla cake, and it worked well, but it still looked sad.  Then I made the chocolate cake, and it looks AMAZING.  (Note:  I DID not make
these cakes from scratch.  I'm lazy and used box mixes.)  I'm planning to put dandelions on my strawberry, violets on Cora's vanilla, and I have to figure out what for Jordan--(since he's a dude, I don't think flowers would work.)
I'll have pictures later.

But, this photo makes me happy, and seems fitting for the preparation of a 70's party.
Taken from Unhappy-birthdays.

Tonight, we're gonna do the hustle, eat junk, laugh at peoples costumes, take photos, and have a groovy time.  I can't wait to post photos.  


So, another Poem Tuesday.  Here's the new poem:

(some of the letters a switched around on the words.  This is on purpose--Shel Silverstein
wrote a WHOLE BOOK this way.  And it's quite funny, once you understand it.  Runny is a rabbit.)

"Runny heeds fimself"

When Ramma mabbit started teachin'
Runny how to eat,
He ficked his pood up with his ears,
He was nery veat.
The sood all flipped, the drilk all mipped.
"That's pot nolite," sad Maw.
"Never use your ears my dear--that's why Pod gave us gaws."

Shel Silverstein, Runny Babbit.

Isn't that clever?
Well, here's how I wore the shift the other day:
In school I'm reading Beowulf, in music I'm learning this song:

In life....I'm trying to make the most of it. =D



We had these pretty things down in our basement, in the dress-up box.  I saved them, and hope to fix them up.  (they are definitely vintage.)
I can wear 2 of them--the other is too small. Now I just need somewhere to wear them to.
This one, was an old shift from some play awhile back, but I fixed the chopped off sleeves,
and I love how it looks with a belt, and boots.
Also what I've realized lately, is that when dressing, (most of the time,) less is more.  
So, I like simple colors--not lots of patterns lately. And if it IS a pattern, it'll be soft, and 
prairie looking. Yay for ivory and black and brown and navy. 
And possibly light pink & blue.
And I love how you can see my socks. =P
They were evil to me yesterday, though.
They made me slip, so I spilled my cup of tea, broke part of the phone I was carrying, 
and gave me a huge bruise on my knee. But I'm sure it looked quite comical when it happened.


another tuesday in my life.....

So, I've decided that every Tuesday, I'll post a random poem, and I'll call it (can anyone guess?)  POEM TUESDAY!!!
(wow--NO way, really?)  What say you?
So here's the first:

See, they are clearing the sawdust course
For the girl in pink on the milk white horse.
Her spangles twinkle; his pale flanks shine,
Every hair of his tail is fine
And bright as a comets; his mane blows free
And she points a toe and bends a knee.
And while his hoofbeats fall like rain
Over and over again.
And nothing that moves on land or sea
Will be so beautiful to me
As the girl in pink on the milk-white horse
Cantering over the sawdust course.

By, Rachel Field, (1894-1942)

So, tehe, I made a pair of earings for my friend for her birthday...they turned out beautifully, but not without mishaps.  I ended up super-glueing yellow feathers to my
finger tips...and so now I have bits of them stuck to the tips of my fingers, till they wear
off.  My friend called me a chicken.  =P  But, overall, it was funny.  Here's the finished
Here's what I wore today.
(my brothers awesome mini bike.)
I put my hair in sponge curlers last night--I like how it turned out.  
I almost wish my hair was this curly all the time. =D

Your comments are like the curls that bounce around my ears and make me smile when I 


I want this bottle.  I don't care what the perfume smells like.  ( I might dump it if I didn't
it, or put it into a cheap plastic bottle and sell it.  =P)
Then I could carry around the bottle, (totally random, I know), but I think it'd make my day happier just pulling it out of my pocket, or bag.
Or, maybe I could have a REALLY tiny one made, so I could put it on a chain for a necklace.

Orchestra was fun. But not as fun as some days. I got a crap score on my audition.  
Or, at least,it wasn't what I wanted--but it wasn't the worst. I like my stand partner..........
he's a hoot.  
He almost ALWAYS plays with his bow, when we're supposed to be using our fingers to 
pluck the strings, then I have to yell "JESSE!", and he quickly rights himself. It's funny. =D  
I think we've gotten such close scores recently, that we'll get to be stand partners again.  
Everyone else is alright, they just don't me laugh as much as (because of his mistakes) Jesse does.

Here's some art I did Satruday: (it's supposed to be the ocean.)


So...I WAS happy until a few minutes ago.  I trudged out into the woods (thru poison ivy and scratchy leaves), violin under my arm, suitcase in one hand, and stool in another.  I tied my violin up in a tree, and took a few pictures.  Then, trudging back (now all sweaty and gritty feeling) I uploaded my photos to the computer, only to find my favorite photo had been deleted.  HOW???  the stupid computer read the file, said I already have that file, and deleted it.  UGH!!  There was no way I was going back out there to do it again--
I already had gotten a few weird looks and comments.  Anyways.
Here's a happy picture:
Cheerios are always yummy. (Especially when ones brother has eaten the rest of the english
muffins, and you had so been looking forward to one.)
Audrey took the sibs to the park the other day. They all loved the yellow tube if goodness,
(and static electricity), also known as the slide:
(note my sisters facial expression:)


dainty: [elegant, pure, neat, of exquisite taste, effeminately beautiful, affectedly fine]

Dainty.  I love the meaning of it.  These are a few of the things I think fit with the description.
(image by audrey)
And I have this light in my room--I enjoyed playing around with it and the camera:
It is cloudy today. I want to curl up and read a book in bed. But, alas, I have to got to town
for most of the day.


once upon a time

I woke up this morning, wandered around a bit, and then found this in my bed:  (she had strawberries and yogurt on her face.)
(she's such a little poser:)
Then she decided to be super women or something of that sort:
The end.


So, the lovely Eve-Rei has awarded me with the sunshine award.  *happy day*  Her posts
are always funny, and her photos are cool, not to mention she's adorable.  =D
So now that I have it, I have to pass it on.  Here's the instructions:

1) Post this logo within your blog or post

2) Pass the award onto 6 fellow bloggers

3) Link to the nominees within your post

4) Let the nominees know they have received an award by commenting on their blog

5) Share the love and link the person whom you received this blog award

almostsevendaysaweek--her photos are beautiful.  she's beautiful. And I want all her clothes....need I say more?

bunnyonthemoon--she always has something intelligent to say.  I love her music reviews,
and her random posts, filled with photos.  If her blog were food, it'd be strawberry 
shortcake, with lots of whipped cream.

they-call-me-red-head--Her photos are so simple, yet beautiful.  She has red hair (not fair)
and her style is so unique!!  She reminds me of a fairy.

anni--her posts are quirky and fun to read.  I love all the detail in her photos, her love for starbucks coffee, and her art work.  =D

the other girl--seriously guys.  A 12 year old with an amazing blog?  That's purty awesome.
She always looks ADORABLE, and she reminds me of my little sister.  

thoughts from another kook--is funny, has loverly clothes.  We both love the same music.  =D  And she got me listening to Laura Marling--whom I LOVE.  So, thank Charlotte! (oh, and I love her photos.)  Definitely a nice change from most other fashion blogs.

So there you have it.  Enjoy looking at these blogs!  They are not your average bloggers/blogs.  

And here's some music to enjoy:


I had some brand new shoes--they were all red, but they gave me the blues

I (with Grandma's help), turned a strapless maxi dress into a summery 70's romper.  =D
Here's before and after:
(sorry about the bad quality--the lighting was crap.)
I'm very happy with it (although for awhile I had NO idea if was going to work).

And I bleached my jeans the other day--I might need to do it even more, to get them the 
way I want:
And here's a random picture I thought was pretty.
Now I'm off to watch Jamie Oliver's
"food revolution". IT'S AMAZING---look it up on hulu.


Emma Watson.  I hope she's in more movies soon.  She was good in Harry Potter (although I dislike the movies very much.) And she was excellent in a british made-childrens movie, "Ballet shoes".  She's also beautiful as can be:
Man--I want all those clothes. But, alas, I shall not have them.
I went shopping with my grandmother today. I got a loverly skirt from target that's pink
and flouncy with lots of ruffles.
And I got my dress for my 70's costume party. (yay. now to find some platform shoes.)
It turned rainy, and it'll feel SO dreary after all this 80 degree weather we've been having.
And also, music is my life--wether I'm playing my violin, and listening to Vampire weekend,
I couldn't live without it. My siblings and I would always ask eachother if we would rather beblind or deaf.  
I've NEVER been able to answer that--Too many good things would be lost by either one.
These are a few blogs I like to look at:
Her's for the wit.
Her's for the clothing.
Her's for the simplicity.
And Her's because I love red hair, and she & her boyfreind are so cute.


I love japanese animation

So my recent obsession has been japanese animation.  It started when I watched Ponyo:
It's the cutest story of a goldfish falling in love with a boy, so she turns herself into a human......and you'll have to see the movie to 
find out the rest of the story. =D
So then I started drawing it a bit myself:
(my version of Ponyo)

My little sister comes home tomorrow. She's been in Hawaii and California for almost 2
weeks. I missed her quite alot.
So, happy day.
Spring is here. Or rather we decided to skip spring, and jumped right into summer. Which is fine and jim dandy with me. But, I do miss all the buds on the trees that come with Spring.
Maybe we'll just have summer first, spring later?

Your comments are like the yummy fried egg and the cup of chai tea I had and loved this