of bees and a blue scarf

This is what I got my dear friend for her birthday:  
I almost kept them. They were so pretty. I got the earings from etsy, at this shop.
I advise you to order stuff from her--she ships things quickly, and her jewelry is BEAUTIFUL.

Today was alot warmer, and a stray dog came to stay at our house. I hope dad says we can
keep her. We are calling her Collins, after a character in a recent movie. She's the
softest and sweetest thing EVER!!


aint no sunshine when she's gone

Dress: Goodwill
Sweater: target
Ring: hippie store
Bracelet: hippie store
Belt: wlamart

Rather boring post, huh? Sorry...we've had company, which is lovely, but, no time for 
pictures or a good solid post.
Yesterday was nice and warm (these pictures are from then), but today, the chill has come
back, with lots of wind. It's supposed to be cold and rainy all week, but at least today we 
have the sun.
I have a lookbook here.
And this is about the cutest thing ever. I want my kids to be like this:


the tale of alice in wonderland according to me

So.....wow.  This is my 100th post.  
Happy birthday blog...or should the birthday be when it's a year old?  
Haha--that sounds funny.

So, as you know, for my birthday, I went to see Alice in wonderland in 3D.
Well--this is my critique of it:
Wonderfully odd.  I think Tim Burton relishes in weirding people out.  
It's this kind of movie:  You love it, or you don't.  (I'm on the LOVE- it side.)
The story line is not very difficult to understand, the colors, though muted, were BEAUTIFUL.
The characters are very distinguished--as soon as you see them, you know who they are.
Alice--I loved her hair.  I loved how she had lots of different blue dresses.  It made me want 
to have a closet full of pale blue dresses--and nothing else.  And I like how she wasn't brave till the VERY end--too many movies today make a heroine too.....Brave.
That's not how real people are.  I don't think.
I must say, I had a slight crush on the Mad Hatter during the movie--he was so sweet to Alice, and such a soft hearted fellow.  
I love how he and the Cheshire cat fought over his hat, then became friends in the end. 
(Sorry--I hope I didn't ruin part of the movie for you.)
The white queen--amazing.  I love how she flitted around, with her hands in the air.  
Her makeup was RAD--the white face with black/purple lips, and eyes???  WOW.
And, the Red Queen--you've gotta love her.  I loved her nonchalant way of ordering people 
around, I loved her red heart-shaped lipstick--and, she's short.  Like me.  
Though, I'm glad I don't have an over-sized head.

The costumes were ( I think), one of the best parts of the movie:
Yes--and I have to put at least one more picture of the red queen. Helena Bonham Carter is
pure genius:
I hope I haven't ranted too much--I'm very good at that.


Mo town

Today is sunny and warmish.  (warmish meaning: that if the wind were to stop blowing, it'd be picnic weather, and you can still wear a t-shirt with it still blowing.)
My grandma is here for a visit.  She took us shopping yesterday.  
I got some hair things, and some jeans, and a pair of suspenders.  
They all make me happy.
My outfit for today:
Top: hand-me-down from older sister
Jeans: Gap
Suspenders: Claire's
Shoes: ?

My cold is almost gone--yay. I'm feeling so unmotivated today. I need to DO something, butI feel to lazy to do anything but blog, and read, and listen to music.


Dance anthem of the 80's

This used to be my mom's dress.  I hope I have an occasion to wear it to soon.
Yes, I already posted once today, but Im bored out of my mind.
I have 2 orchestra concerts tomorrow. I hope I'm feeling better.
Otherwise I"ll be sniffing the whole concert. That wouldn't sound good.
Here are my birthday presents.  I'm quite happy with them:
This is me and Libby--she did the painting:
I have a head cold today. It started Saturday night, and is driving me crazy! I can't breath, 
and my chest hurts. I think I will take a nap. Or maybe 2.


happy day

[images by Audrey]

16 doesn't feel any different than 15. Or 14. Alice in wonderland was amazing. There was 
only one cheesy part--but the rest was beautiful. I've had a very lovely birthday so far.  
Tonight I will open my presents ( I can't wait to see what they are), and I think I'm going to 
help repaint the bathroom. Tomorrow is a music recital which I am in--I hate playing on 
front of people, and this is one of the times I could move to Ireland.

I'll post some pictures of my presents sometime this weekend.



So--today is my last day of being 15.  I don't think 16 is going to be all that amazing, but we'll see.  My brother Evan is taking me out tomorrow, to see ALice in Wonderland--that should be lots of fun.  I'm having my friend Libby over Saturday, and we're going to draw, paint, gab,and eat chocolate cheesecake.
[image by audrey]


bones & tea

I had my cup of tea today.  Earl Grey.  Yum.  
I took another nap (yes--I know, it's awful that I need naps at my age)
I thought about what I want for my birthday
I might do henna with my sister and her friend
And I drew this picture:  
Bones are much harder to draw than I thought, although I really like how this turned out.

This is the orchestra I'm in:

Hope you enjoy the videos. They make me happy.


I like the books, but not the movies

So--Harry Potter.  Are you a HP geek too?  I kinda am.  I once read ALL the books (but the 7th because it wasn't out) in 1 week.  (It kinda helped that I had a cold at that time.)  And I've re-read them quite a few times.  Although--I don't like the movies.  If I were to pick one, I'd pick the 1st.  The rest are just cheesy.  Maybe the last 2 will be better.  Anyways--I love the light in this photo, and their clothing.  (not from Harry Potter movie-duh.)
It was rainy again today, with the sunlight popping in and out randomly. It was odd. I ate
dessert first, then dinner second today. It was fun. I get to eat all I can right now, because I
lost 15 pounds last week after my wisdom tooth extraction. So--food. Yum.
I wore a men's vest today. I was wearing mostly brown, except for my blue shirt (brown 
tights, brown skirt, brown vest, brown sweater), so I told my friend I looked like a giant piece
of milk chocolate.
Skirt: thrifted, Top: Older sisters, Vest: hand-ma-down, tights: little sisters, Shoes: Target

Now I'm home from orchestra practice. I had some of my parents pina colada, and put on 
my "slippers". (Uggs with wool socks.) I would take a nap, but I'll be going to bed in a few 
hours, so that wouldn't work. And I want tea, but I don't feel like making any.

Your comments are like the cup of tea I want right now.


alice in wonderland

I stayed up till midnight last night, talking to a dear friend of mine that I've actually never met 
in person--but there were no awkward silences, and we talked for over an hour.  
Here's my outfit from to today:
And here's the few items I got from the goodwill the other day:

Tomorrow is my older brothers birthday.  We're going to eat chocolate cheesecake to celebrate tonight.  My birthday is Friday.  I'll be 16.

I took a nap today.  It felt good, and I didn't want to get back up.  

The rain is still coming down, and it's supposed to rainy tomorrow, too.
Audrey's friend Abigail is coming tomorrow.  She's really stylish, and I always like her clothes.


one of these things first

I found some old photos. My parents were so cute:
I went on an outing with my older sister today. We went to the goodwill. I found some 
loverly things, and I'll post some pictures of them tomorrow.
2 ways to wear my new boots:
(Dress: Goodwill. Top: Goodwill. Boots: second hand store.)
(Skirt: Goodwill. Top: Older sisters.)

I can eat normal food now-except chips or crackers. Woot.
It's gloomy outside, and I need a nap. There's supposed to be rain all thru Sunday, so we'll
see how my mood is by then. I listened to some Enya, and some Nick Drake. Both are
WONDERFUL for days like these.

Here's a random old photo I love:
Your comments are like the sunshine I need to live and be happy.


the best $3.25 I've ever spent yet, & some art.

The goblet is a lovely shade of green, and I love the boots; although I wish they were a bit taller.
I can't wait to wear them with a floral dress.
I'm illustrating a friend's book: (Strawberry fields, and a door leading to an underground 
Charcoal drawing of sand dunes: