Lucky charms

Tonight is my 70's costume party.  I cannot wait!!  At first my friend and I were worried that
no-one would dress up (as it's whole families, not just a bunch of teen-agers), but it seems as if EVERYBODY is going to!!
I made 3 cakes: one for me.  one for Cora.  one for Jordan.
So...I baked the strawberry cake first, and it completely fell APART!!!  AGGH....but thankfully I fixed it when I put icing on it.  THEN I made a vanilla cake, and it worked well, but it still looked sad.  Then I made the chocolate cake, and it looks AMAZING.  (Note:  I DID not make
these cakes from scratch.  I'm lazy and used box mixes.)  I'm planning to put dandelions on my strawberry, violets on Cora's vanilla, and I have to figure out what for Jordan--(since he's a dude, I don't think flowers would work.)
I'll have pictures later.

But, this photo makes me happy, and seems fitting for the preparation of a 70's party.
Taken from Unhappy-birthdays.

Tonight, we're gonna do the hustle, eat junk, laugh at peoples costumes, take photos, and have a groovy time.  I can't wait to post photos.  


Lazzenia said...

Good luck with your party, dear. Your cakes sound delicious :)

The mermaid in blue said...

thank you!!