Libby had a water fight for her birthday party.  It was quite fun, and makes me wish my birthday was in the summer, instead of the dreary month of March.  

Now I'm going to take a shower, practice violin, then we're all off to Floyd for some Dog Town pizza.  Maybe shopping with Grandma tomorrow, before she leaves next week.



Floyd Music School was invited to the White House for a "workshop" taught by Alison Krauss and Brad Paisley.  So, onto D.C we drove.  

We had lots of fun:

The troupe:

This light right below the Obama girl's suite: (In the White House.)

Vender on the street-it was scrumptious. (The food, not the vendor.  Hehe.)

My favorite:



Cora has the most beautiful hair.  And even better, she lets me play with it.  


500 days of summer:

It was a lovely day.  Audrey and I bashed around Floyd, and spent quit a lot of time in Chic's Antique Mall, drooling over the quilts, jewelry, clothing, table-wear, furniture, leather bags, and cowboy boots.  I only wish I had money for some, or all of it-especially the quilts.

There was only a bit of vanilla ice cream left in the carton when we got the ice cream out, so I mixed some of our frozen blueberries in to it.  It was delicious.  


Paper Mache:

Audrey, Laurel and I made paper mache balloons today.  Heidi helped, with her endless chatter, to keep us busy with answering her questions.  She also enjoyed getting the tape out to "tape" the paper on her balloon, but ended up with her fingers taped together.  

All you need is scraps of paper, blown up balloons,paint brushes and Elmers liquid glue, to glue on the paper.  Hang them outside, let dry, then pop balloon.  Hang balloon up with fishing wire.