So, another Poem Tuesday.  Here's the new poem:

(some of the letters a switched around on the words.  This is on purpose--Shel Silverstein
wrote a WHOLE BOOK this way.  And it's quite funny, once you understand it.  Runny is a rabbit.)

"Runny heeds fimself"

When Ramma mabbit started teachin'
Runny how to eat,
He ficked his pood up with his ears,
He was nery veat.
The sood all flipped, the drilk all mipped.
"That's pot nolite," sad Maw.
"Never use your ears my dear--that's why Pod gave us gaws."

Shel Silverstein, Runny Babbit.

Isn't that clever?
Well, here's how I wore the shift the other day:
In school I'm reading Beowulf, in music I'm learning this song:

In life....I'm trying to make the most of it. =D

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