So, the lovely Eve-Rei has awarded me with the sunshine award.  *happy day*  Her posts
are always funny, and her photos are cool, not to mention she's adorable.  =D
So now that I have it, I have to pass it on.  Here's the instructions:

1) Post this logo within your blog or post

2) Pass the award onto 6 fellow bloggers

3) Link to the nominees within your post

4) Let the nominees know they have received an award by commenting on their blog

5) Share the love and link the person whom you received this blog award

almostsevendaysaweek--her photos are beautiful.  she's beautiful. And I want all her clothes....need I say more?

bunnyonthemoon--she always has something intelligent to say.  I love her music reviews,
and her random posts, filled with photos.  If her blog were food, it'd be strawberry 
shortcake, with lots of whipped cream.

they-call-me-red-head--Her photos are so simple, yet beautiful.  She has red hair (not fair)
and her style is so unique!!  She reminds me of a fairy.

anni--her posts are quirky and fun to read.  I love all the detail in her photos, her love for starbucks coffee, and her art work.  =D

the other girl--seriously guys.  A 12 year old with an amazing blog?  That's purty awesome.
She always looks ADORABLE, and she reminds me of my little sister.  

thoughts from another kook--is funny, has loverly clothes.  We both love the same music.  =D  And she got me listening to Laura Marling--whom I LOVE.  So, thank Charlotte! (oh, and I love her photos.)  Definitely a nice change from most other fashion blogs.

So there you have it.  Enjoy looking at these blogs!  They are not your average bloggers/blogs.  

And here's some music to enjoy:


mila said...

Oh my gosh, thank you SO SO SO much!! I love your blog by the way:D
thank you!!!!

The mermaid in blue said...

Aww--thanks. I like yours too! Isn't blogging so fun?

The mermaid in blue said...

and you're welcome. ;D