the tale of alice in wonderland according to me

So.....wow.  This is my 100th post.  
Happy birthday blog...or should the birthday be when it's a year old?  
Haha--that sounds funny.

So, as you know, for my birthday, I went to see Alice in wonderland in 3D.
Well--this is my critique of it:
Wonderfully odd.  I think Tim Burton relishes in weirding people out.  
It's this kind of movie:  You love it, or you don't.  (I'm on the LOVE- it side.)
The story line is not very difficult to understand, the colors, though muted, were BEAUTIFUL.
The characters are very distinguished--as soon as you see them, you know who they are.
Alice--I loved her hair.  I loved how she had lots of different blue dresses.  It made me want 
to have a closet full of pale blue dresses--and nothing else.  And I like how she wasn't brave till the VERY end--too many movies today make a heroine too.....Brave.
That's not how real people are.  I don't think.
I must say, I had a slight crush on the Mad Hatter during the movie--he was so sweet to Alice, and such a soft hearted fellow.  
I love how he and the Cheshire cat fought over his hat, then became friends in the end. 
(Sorry--I hope I didn't ruin part of the movie for you.)
The white queen--amazing.  I love how she flitted around, with her hands in the air.  
Her makeup was RAD--the white face with black/purple lips, and eyes???  WOW.
And, the Red Queen--you've gotta love her.  I loved her nonchalant way of ordering people 
around, I loved her red heart-shaped lipstick--and, she's short.  Like me.  
Though, I'm glad I don't have an over-sized head.

The costumes were ( I think), one of the best parts of the movie:
Yes--and I have to put at least one more picture of the red queen. Helena Bonham Carter is
pure genius:
I hope I haven't ranted too much--I'm very good at that.

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