one of these things first

I found some old photos. My parents were so cute:
I went on an outing with my older sister today. We went to the goodwill. I found some 
loverly things, and I'll post some pictures of them tomorrow.
2 ways to wear my new boots:
(Dress: Goodwill. Top: Goodwill. Boots: second hand store.)
(Skirt: Goodwill. Top: Older sisters.)

I can eat normal food now-except chips or crackers. Woot.
It's gloomy outside, and I need a nap. There's supposed to be rain all thru Sunday, so we'll
see how my mood is by then. I listened to some Enya, and some Nick Drake. Both are
WONDERFUL for days like these.

Here's a random old photo I love:
Your comments are like the sunshine I need to live and be happy.

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Cameron said...

heheh :D
I always read your blog, even if I don't comment. sometimes it doesn't let me for some reason.
I absolutely adore looking at your outfits - it makes me wish I had some sort of style.