Mo town

Today is sunny and warmish.  (warmish meaning: that if the wind were to stop blowing, it'd be picnic weather, and you can still wear a t-shirt with it still blowing.)
My grandma is here for a visit.  She took us shopping yesterday.  
I got some hair things, and some jeans, and a pair of suspenders.  
They all make me happy.
My outfit for today:
Top: hand-me-down from older sister
Jeans: Gap
Suspenders: Claire's
Shoes: ?

My cold is almost gone--yay. I'm feeling so unmotivated today. I need to DO something, butI feel to lazy to do anything but blog, and read, and listen to music.


Cameron said...

yeah! suspenders!
looks awesome.
it's so rainy here, ugh.

Ellie Kingdom said...

we are going to see you guys tomorrow!!!! -a

Ellie Kingdom said...
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Olivia° said...

I adore this. You look so naturally pretty :)

x Olivia


Jazzabelle said...

i love audrey hepburn. i love your t-shirt. and i love these photographs.

jazzabelle. x

Anonymous said...

I love your suspenders, they turn the look into something much more interesting.