I like the books, but not the movies

So--Harry Potter.  Are you a HP geek too?  I kinda am.  I once read ALL the books (but the 7th because it wasn't out) in 1 week.  (It kinda helped that I had a cold at that time.)  And I've re-read them quite a few times.  Although--I don't like the movies.  If I were to pick one, I'd pick the 1st.  The rest are just cheesy.  Maybe the last 2 will be better.  Anyways--I love the light in this photo, and their clothing.  (not from Harry Potter movie-duh.)
It was rainy again today, with the sunlight popping in and out randomly. It was odd. I ate
dessert first, then dinner second today. It was fun. I get to eat all I can right now, because I
lost 15 pounds last week after my wisdom tooth extraction. So--food. Yum.
I wore a men's vest today. I was wearing mostly brown, except for my blue shirt (brown 
tights, brown skirt, brown vest, brown sweater), so I told my friend I looked like a giant piece
of milk chocolate.
Skirt: thrifted, Top: Older sisters, Vest: hand-ma-down, tights: little sisters, Shoes: Target

Now I'm home from orchestra practice. I had some of my parents pina colada, and put on 
my "slippers". (Uggs with wool socks.) I would take a nap, but I'll be going to bed in a few 
hours, so that wouldn't work. And I want tea, but I don't feel like making any.

Your comments are like the cup of tea I want right now.

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Cameron said...

Harry Potter...hmm.
I was a very big fan when I was about 12. I've read all the books multiple times and seen all the films.
I guess I've grown out of it a bit, but I still love it.