beautiful things


-I used my sisters lens. and I love how the photos came out. I'll post them 
another time. (I must get one of my own.)
-I want some keds. but alas, have no extra money--but maybe someday soon.
-I'm reading "the phantom of the opera"--I haven't gotten that far into it, but it's good.
-I'm making dinner tonight. that means it'll be lame.
-I'm doing LOTS of algebra--2 lessons/tests a day. and completely flunking too.
-the only creative thing I've worn recently was a leopard print shirt and teal 
skirt--and I don't even have pictures to show you. maybe soon.


Brynnster said...

Keds are the best! I have 4 pair. They are the only shoe that I think my feet look good in. I know, I'm just a little self concious right? Haha, well me feet are skinny and a size 9. I think thats big, or maybe all my friends have freakishly small feet? Ranting...anyways, I thought the one picture of the lemon in the glass was a jellyfish, but alas, I was fooled. So I absolutely loveeeeee your blog! And i recomend green keds if you don't know what color to get! ps: yes this is how my brain always processes things... :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog. It made me want to learn self-photoshooting... ^^

Hannah said...

@ brynnster--4 pair!! lucky duck!! actually, that's funny, because I couldn't decide what color I wanted, but my favorite was green. which green should I get? army or kelly? I like how your brain works. =D I have size 8 1/2 feet, and they're really skinny too, like boat feet! so we're in the same boat. (ha--pun intended.) that'd be cool to have a pet jellyfish, but, I do'nt have one--it's just a lemon in a jar.. =) thank you-I'm glad you like my blog. there. that's how my mind works. =D

@ szikra--thanks for the comment!! self photo shooting is fun. =) you should do it sometime.

Brynnster said...

haha! Yes you should get the kelly green! The bright color goes with everything...i usually wear mine with loose jeans and a cool tshirt with some fun earings! get tons of compliments! so you inspired me...i went to my local thrift store that i havnt been to in a while and bought a really freggin awesome dress and three skirts. i'm trying to buy stuff to go with some granny/hiker boots i just bought for winter to wear with tights. i ended up just buying huge floor length skirts with really rad patterns, i'm planning to get them hemmed. i cant sew :(