collages, and more ramblings

I might not get to do "poem Tuesday" anymore--it might have to become..."poem Thursday."
I have a new babysitting job (that pays pretty well--YAY.) and it's all day on Tuesdays, and they are both LITTLE kids so I wouldn't have time to blog, AND besides the fact that I don't have a laptop.  But yay for jobs.  

So, Jazzabelle has inspired me to make some collages--and now I LOVE making them:
(this is probably my least favorite so far:)

Eegad!! It was HOT yesterday, and uber muggy. The dictionary says this of "muggy".
"Moist; damp; warm." yes--that's how yesterday was, but with sun. Today we have no sun,
but it's just as hot. (ok, I know I promised I wouldn't do anymore weather reports, but hey.)

School was slow....and I'm lacking in my creativity for a nice outfit today.  
I just threw on my bathing suit top, a skirt and my favorite sweatshirt.


vickileestyle said...

really love all these collages, esp the 2nd one! i'm gunna start making some collages after my exams!

Jazzabelle said...

''So, Jazzabelle has inspired me to make some collages--and now I LOVE making them'' that just seems so weird, thank-you! your third and fourth collages are my fave :) i actually haven't done any since my collage post, shame on me!

also, thank-you for your comment on my last post. i'm shocked with the amount of comments i have recieved for it. i was just a little afternoon rant of mine! it's so lovely to know that people understand me.

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Alice said...

Your collages are very cute indeed!