if you want me

So...having your wisdom teeth out really does suck.  You have to eat just fruit or vanilla flavored food, and you start to crave something savory after about a day of the sweet stuff.  
I accidentally pulled a stitch out of my gum.  **oops**.  
It didn't hurt, but I'm wondering what it'll do to my mouth, and the whole healing thing.
Dad asked me to fix the buttons on his sweater--which I did gladly, but I also had to wear the 
wonderful wool sweater for a bit, before giving it back:
I stole the "butterflies on the wall" idea from Anthropologie's March 2010 magazine.
Dress:Old Navy
Sweater: Dad's closet
(Sorry,yet again--the photos are blurry.  I have the crappiest camera.)
This was my Mom and Dad's engagement photo--isn't it marvelous?  
I'm addicted to this song right now.  It's just haunting.  Please, listen to it at least 3 times:

Your comments are like the slice of pizza that I can't have, that would make me very happy 
right now. =P

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eve-rei said...

Ouch wisdom teeth, mum says I'm going to have to get mine out. I hate dental surgery, they found a growth in my jaw, and were going to perform, but then they decided that the use of my tongue outweighed it. Eat lotsa ice-cream, and cold yogurt, they're so nice and refreshing, actually I might go get some now :)