human of the year

little bow peep
over there
I took a nap.
I ate some pasta.
I changed my blog layout.
I took 2 walks.
I was lazy and didn't wear anything interesting today.
I wrote 2 long notes to a friend of mine that I've never met, but I do so love talking to her.
I thought about how long this week's going to be.
I'm anxious to see Alice in Wonderland.
I laughed at my little sister laying on the floor contemplating what it would be like to be shorter 
than a foot. 
And I found these old black and white photos---from before I dropped my camera on cement.  
And that, my friends, was my day.

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eve-rei said...

taking a nap is always fun. I'll have one when I get home from school, because unlike caffeine, little naps don't give me the stomach fuzzles and give me that extra boost. Te he I keep dropping my camera too, I drop everything, I'm such a ditz, I once dropped myself onto concrete. It was not fun XD
I love the picture of the tree's arms, they always fascinate me and that picture is lovely