I'm in the mood to make cupcakes (complete with pastel frosting, and lots of flowery and pearly decorations), but don't have time.
I wanted a nap, but didn't have time today.
I wanted to chat to my dear friend all the day long, but didn't have time.
I wanted to start a sewing project, but didn't have time.
I wanted to upload a bunch of photos, but they need editing, and I don't have time.

I just don't have time anymore.  >.<  I remember when I was little--(ha--ok, I'm not THAT old, but old enough to have a time when I WAS little) I would do anything to get to be a grownup.  and sometimes I still wish that, but...oh to be a kid again, and spend all day in an imaginary world, instead of a world of algebra, babysitting, cleaning house, learning to drive, having to save money, and thinking about what's next on my list that I need to do.  *sigh*

so, my dear readers, I leave you with a song to put you in a happier mood, after listening to me moan and groan about life.  (if I wasn't trying to grow my hair to butt-length, I'd cut my hair like hers.  oh, and if my hair wasn't wavy, it'd work even better.)



Brynnster said...

why so busy girl?? oh well i'm sure you will figure it out. that singer has the best facial expressions! I love how she is just randomly eating at the end..and by the way, that dandilion picture is now my desktop background! yeah..so..your amazing..

Amator Solis said...

You totally captured that dandelion. And I major love that video. I'm gonna have to buy some music now.

Hannah said...

thanks Brynnster and Anna!
I actually had a dream last night Brynn that you came to visit me for like a week. we took so many photos, and found a bunch of vintage clothes. it was..strange but humorous. =D

Brynnster said...

haha that sounds like so much fun! i would give anything for a break from reality right now...