hair hair hair

I want to do my hair like this:  (in this color.)
but this color is nice too:

I wanted to do something different with my hair, so I let my friend give me completely legit cornrows. I can't
wait to see my afro when I take them out. I'll get pictures up soon.


Elsa said...

thats a pretty colour :) its magic like your mermaid x

Charlotte. said...

i love the first photo! i wish i could do that with my hair too!

eve-rei said...

You'd look really lovely with a pastel blue, maybe go for a wash out dye, and then you could try all sorts of different colours, I guess what ever mood you felt :)
Tehe I'm thinking of doing my hair like that too, though I'm thinking of going pink, or maybe light blue, we could be dip dye buddies!