cream and sugar

this is the dress I made awhile back--I haven't worn it hardly at all, but felt like it today.
I have a bit of a head cold, but hopefully I'll be over it soon.
If you have lookbook, you can hype the look here.

Oh!! and I MIGHT be getting my camera today! I'm bidding on ebay for it (a d80) it comes with 2
batteries, and a nice lens. There's still 4 hours left to bid, but I think I'm doing pretty good--no-one has bid in 15 hours. (But I'm sure it'll get hectic in the last few minutes.) *crosses fingers and hopes and prays*


vienna said...

I adore this dress. did you use a pattern or did you do it from scratch?

Jazzabelle said...

what a beautiful dress! oh, how i wish i could sew! the second shot of you is simply amazing. good luck with your bidding!

love, jazzabelle. xxx

eve-rei said...

oh my, that dress is gorgeous. you young lady are an extremely talented girl! The shots are a vision, especially the second one, and your hair is lovely.
fingers and toes crossed you win your bid :)


Hannah said...

thank you all for your lovely comments!! <3

@ vienna--The dress was quite easy to make--I kinda followed a pattern, but made up the skirt.

@ Jazz--thank you--I do so adore this dress myself. =) you should try sewing sometime--it's quite fun!

@Eve-rei--I appreciate the encouragement!! (<3) My hair is taking forever to grow out, and I'm tempted to chop it all off--but, after seeing pictures of yours, I know I'll be happy if I keep it long. =)

I didn't win that camera...(shucks)but I'll try again on another one. >.<

Esther said...

I'm in love with your dress!! It's beautiful and your photos are great too, you're so talented! I love your blog miss, keep it up! : )


mel said...

i love your dress! it is absolutely gorgeous;)

Hannah said...

@ Esther--Thank you for the comment, and becoming a follower! I love my dress too. actually, you're what inspired me to wear this dress again. =) I love YOUR blog, miss. =D

@ Mel--thanks for the comment. (and becoming a follower too!!) I always like the stuff you sew on your blog. =)

ugotme said...
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Brynnster said...

Hey Hannah! I just cut my hair about the same length as yours, and because you have such great taste, i was wondering if you could do a post on different was to style it. I love the way you braid, twist and form your hair! Unfortunately I can't see it up close... it would be a big help.
--much love