this is me

This is a post about me, so you can get to know me a bit better.

These are my parents:  (they gave me my blue eyes and blonde hair.)
I don't have a picture of my mom's parents, be here's my dad's:
Here's me at my first birthday party:
Here's me and my siblings: (I'm the one behind the dark skinned dude.)
Here's me last year:
Here's me a few days ago:

I said if y'all wanted to ask a few questions about me, I'd answer them, so here they are:

What kind of camera do you use? I use my mom's Nikon D40, until I can get my own. =)
I want a Nikon D3000---or D500.

Any kind of crazy dream you've had? I wasn't sure which kind of "dream" you meant--like
an ambition kind of dream, or a dream when you're asleep. (am I being blonde?) So I'll do
both. A crazy ambition-dream I've had, is to be a gymnist. I never ever took ballet, or dance
but I always thought it would be fun to be able to do the splits, and high jumps, and flips and
such.  (the summer olympics always inspired me.)
A crazy sleep-dream.....hmmm.....I think it was one about my orchestra: 
We were performing for a HUGE audience, but for some reason the audience was sitting 
directly above us--AND THE FLOOR WAS CLEAR. That was a bit awkward as ladies were wearing nice dresses and skirts. (the people were walking around while we played--maybe 
we were background music??) Then when there was an intermission, and we had to re-paint the walls of the building. There was no conductor for the orchestra--he was sitting next to 
me playing. And there you have it---I hope this answered your question?

I'm sorry that I did not get more questions--this was fun. But I'll be doing this again soon.

25 random things about me:
1. I find most shoes in the fashion world absolutely HIDEOUS. It's rare when I see a pair
that I LOVE, or even like a tiny bit.
2. I have 6 siblings. It's crazy, but fun. Audrey 21, Evan 18, Me 16, Laurel 13, Ellen 11,
Daniel 10 (we adopted him), Heidi 5. We are all home-schooled.
3. I'm really a California babe, but we moved to Virginia when I was 8.
(My dad was a surfer in CA.)
4. I have one of the grossest jobs in the summer--but I get to be with friends while doing it,
so it's not so bad: I gut chickens on their farm. (Sorry---this disgusts most people.)
5. I don't have a favorite color--although, I guess most people don't have a CERTAIN one in particular---I like 'em all.
6. Give me banana bread any old day. Just don't give me bananas.
7. I normally only end up liking a food if I make myself eat it a few times. I like Mustard,
sushi, pickles, olives, mushrooms, & squash now because of it. I still can't get over
lima-beans, though. Trust me, I've tried. Give me something new, I'll try it!
8. I took 4 years of Latin in school, and can't speak a word of it now. (I guess that shows how much I enjoyed it.)
9. I drink tea. Not coffee. Why is it that SOOOO many people like coffee? I don't see what's
so amazing about it!
10. I can teach myself how to do things. I've taught myself how to knit, crochet, sew,
french braid my hair (around my head.), make jewelry, and different camera settings are fun to figure out.
11. I once grew my hair out, had 9 1/2 inches cut off, so I could do locks of love. But I still
have the braid upstairs.
12. I once ran a 3 mile race in Converse. I was ill prepared, and did not know that morning
that I'd be running a race. I was just there to cheer my friend on.
13. I don't mind dishes. I HATE laundry.
14. I've never in all my 16 years of living, have had my own room. =( (I hope I can soon.)
15. I LOVE the Harry Potter books. I HATE the movies--they ruined the books!!
16. I wasn't "into" fashion till about last year or so...now I can't escape!
17. I can't wait to get married. ( I know, crazy, right?)
18. I vary in my clean up mood, and my I-could-care-less mood.
19. I wish everyone still dressed like people did in the 40's and 50's.
20. I've never chewed my nails--just the ends of my hair. And when I was REALLY little,
I could turn my belly button inside out.
21. I really don't have any limits on what type music I listen too--just country. I can't stand it. I especially love soundtracks, and things with good beats.
22. I'm not really afraid of anything--not lizards, mice, spiders, snakes. Just skunks, and
those people who dress up in costumes at Disneyland with the ginormous plastic heads!
23. I've had my learners permit for 6 months, and have driven once. For 5 minutes.
24. Alot of my BEST friends are guys--I sometimes prefer their company more than girls'.
They look at things differently than girls, and girls can be so catty, and silly, Guys (at least
my guys friends) are down to earth and forthright.
25. I ADORE people leaving comments on my blog. You don't know how happy it makes me
when people do that. I literally jump up and down when it says "1 comment."

Here's some of my favorite music:

These are the kind of things I find funny:

And there you have it. That's mostly me. =)


amishpikachu said...

Have you ever heard of ladyhawke? She's great :D I think you'd like her music.

RachelH said...

Wow, lots of videos! ha...I skipped them for now :) But I enjoyed reading your 25 things! Try peanut butter and cheese sandwiches MMM-they're yummy. Especially with cheddar cheese. But, what's really good is a graham cracker with peanut butter, and a slice of cheese on top. For some reason my family thinks I'm really strange...

Samantha said...

I love Love LOVE your photos!! Just became a reader ;)


Taralah Allison said...

Hannah! That was really fun reading your 25 facts! I loved your sibling's photo! It was so neat...the unique and polished look....I loved it!