Happy Single Awareness day

So yesterday, while everyone else celebrated valentines day, my sisters & I celebrated single awareness day.  =D  No valentines in my mailbox, and no invitations to be a valentine, except for the invitation from my dear friend Libby, so she was my valentine.  I think 
valentines day is over-rated anywho.  
My mom and sisters and I went to a Symphony yesterday afternoon.  It was Beethovan and an amazing dude on the piano.  And I was brave enough to wear this:
Isn't it wonderful?? My grandma left it for me until she returns again this summer, from CA.
(Don't worry--rabbits reproduce every 3 weeks, so I don't think the world has any less rabbits 
in it after making this coat.) =D
And, my mother gave each of my 4 sisters and I a bouquet of roses yesterday:
I hope ya'll had a good V-day, or maybe a good Single awareness day.
I'll post some pictures of my latest art project tomorrow.....and I may put them up on Etsy.

Thanks for the comments--they've made me SO happy. Could you become a follower too?
That would rock my socks.


Anni said...

You have a very lovely blog too! Love all the pics, and this coat is amazing! Thanks for your comments! :-)

Ainhoa said...

Really nice blog! :)

Paris said...

Singles Awareness Day? I've never heard that one before. How clever. We don't really celebrate Valentine's day, I've always thought of it as a tacky hallmark holiday that supports gluttony and I dislike the commercialism it thrives on. Haha, I'm not a scrooge, I promise! I think it's wonderful that your mom got you all flowers-now THAT is love!