tumblr's too addicting.  and I don't really have anything interesting to say, but this:
I've been using film more.  and like it better. although I still have to master inside photos.
football is getting more and more interesting the more I watch it.
thanksgiving is...just ok.  I still like Christmas better.  4th of july is a close second.
I need to go christmas shopping.
I can't wait to get my teen vogue magazine in the mail!  my dear friend bought it for me. <3
I've been drooling over these...I might go halfsies with grandma maybe:
and some film:
and a stolen photo: ( I want to go swimming.)

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Steph said...

Oh, that photo on film is gorgeous! I wish I was that talented, honestly.

Loving the shoes, too. I have a pair very similar, and they were a total bargain at $7 (AUS$)!

Keep using Blogger, it's more original!

Love Steph