I need to get my water camera out:

new to tumbler.

i think i'm secretly a mermaid--i love to swim; the thought of long flowing
hair in water is a dream. and a tail? even better. i think mine would be
sparkly pink, with streaks of blue. what would yours be?


Brynnster said...

mine would be snow white with streaks of gold and teal

Maddie said...

i absolutely love the water and although i no longer have long flowing hair, i remember it's divine. my tail would probably be..hhmmm.... i don't know, i would always waant to change it, warm peach with tipped with gold and gold streaks coming from the tips :):) check out my new blog @ thisbrilliantmadness.blogspot.com

Cheye said...

Hi Mermaid in blue! I love your blog, so beautiful. On the color of my mermaid tail color, pale shimmering gold.