été comme nous le savons, il est fin [summer as we know it is ending]

summer is closing.  (did I mention this last post?)  well, it officially is now.  it was FREEZING outside last night for a cookout that we had, (time to pull out the sweaters)and the wind doesn't help.  although, it is perfect for laying out in the sun, with a cardigan for a nap.  (sounds scrumptious right now.)  enough about the weather.  

I bought 2 new sweaters, for this weather, and the upcoming winter, (which is sure to be icy cold,) a dress (more summery than anything else, but I'll figure out how to wear it) 2 skirts, and a mug the other night.  all for $6.50.  boo-ya.  (I love the second hand store.)  I'll post pictures of all that some other time.  

I did school today. (what?!! on a sunday (??!!!) you say.) yes, I really did.  I'll be starting a babysitting job tomorrow (woot) and won't have time for it, and I DON'T want to fall behind this year.  I want to excel this year instead.  

I'm loving my new camera.  here's proof:

I've been in a bit of a fashion rut, and seeing as I haven't been doing anything but school (at home) I don't really see any point in trying. jeans and a t-shirt are alright with me. (for now.)

thank you all you lovely followers--I adore you.


Chelsea Shirley said...

the shadows in the first photo are lovely :)

hiven said...

love these! your header 's beautiful

Nav said...

beautiful pictures!



Katie said...

ha. it's my room!