2 more from yesterday:

we finished packing. and I always take too much, but..I can't bare to leave
anything I already packed behind. I'm looking forward to taking pictures at the
aquarium this year. and I hope my sister and mom will let me use their shared film camera.

get up early, stare into space because of the hour while we eat breakfast.
load up--(pillows in tow.) drive for 6 hours with numerous stops--including a fast
food restaurant, and possibly a pawn shop and the grocery store.
when we get there, unpack, jump into bathing suits, and go swimming till dinner

the only problem? it's supposed to rain tomorrow. and all the rest of the week.


Chelsea Shirley said...

the first one has a very surreal feeling to it, awesome!

Charlotte. said...

those photos are loooovely! (:

Abbi said...

I am so extremely jealous of where you live. I would literally die to live where you do. I adore your blog and think it may be my favourite ever.


Brynnster said...

pretty... how do you get your hair to do that?? haha so if u visit my blog, i put up a bunch more pics of me and other stuff about me! oh-- by the way, i am seventeen.