I need a model.  I've tried using my sisters, but they don't...pose the way I want.  So I end up posing myself, because I know how the picture is supposed to look.  (although I don't like the fact that it's me.  And sorry about the small photos--I was using my mom's macbook to take these, so the file's REALLY small.)

I haven't been feeling very creative. I know it's in me somewhere, but I can't seem to get it 
out. Besides the fact that I have to steal my mom's camera every time I want to take a picture of SOMETHING, I don't really feel like I don't have anything beautiful or "full of life" to 
take pictures of. It seems like everything is done halfheartedly, even if I put my whole into 
it. So then I think "might as well not do it anything at all." And another thing, blogging is a 
fad nowadays--it's SO hard to be original--everyone puts up photos of what they wore, 
something they like, or something they made--is there any way to escape THAT type of 

Maybe I'm just sitting here, trying to sound smart. >.<


Chelsea Shirley said...

hannah, can i just say, i completely agree with your "blogging has become a fad" theory. every time i come across a "style" blog i immediately skip on to the next one. it's quite frustrating to read a blog from an author who only cares about the number of followers they receive.

as for your creative block... listen to music! that always helps me sit back and day dream a little bit.

good luck!
and thanks for the comment earlier :)


Brendan and Sharon said...

Hannah, maybe the key to not becoming a "fad blogger" is to not worry about being original. Originality is great, but it's not the only thing. When I see those blogs that you're talking about, what makes me tired of them is their endless search to be something different and new. The ones I love are the ones that just love clothes, food or handwork so much that it spills out onto their blog. They don't spend much time on originality. They spend LOTS of time on creativity.
Looking forward to seeing you in a month!
Oh, and I do enjoy your blog.
Hug your mom for me.