the mysterious case of the $5.25 I found in my purse. (and a collage.)

Here's me latest collage.  I've had a bit of a brain fart lately regarding art--I can't seem to draw anything, and my collages are lame.  

And I have a mystery that needs solving:
I randomly found $5.25 in my purse yesterday after church, asked if it was anybodies, and since  it was nobodies, I kept it.  Well, today, I unfolded it, and written on the $5,  was:  "for hannah".
I know 2 people whose handwriting it looks like, and I aim to ask them about it.  I haven't worked for anybody, so it couldn't be pay, and nobody owes me any money!!  Hmmm...But,
I'm glad for the extra money!!  (My babysitting job has been canceled for the last 4 weeks, for various reasons, so that's all that money gone.) 

Anywho.  Enough rambling for today.

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