I completely forgot last Thursday about the poem.  So here's 2:

"Topsy-turvy world"
If the butterfly courted the bee,
And the owl the porcupine;
If churches were built in the sea,
And three times one was nine;
If the pony rode his master,
If the buttercups ate the cows,
If the cat had the dire disaster
To be worried by the mouse;
If mama sold the baby
To a gypsy for half a crown;
If a gentleman was a lady,--
the world would be upside down!
If any or all wonders
Should never come about,
I should not consider them blunders,
For I should be inside-out!

--William Brighty Rands 

"It makes a change"

There's nothing makes a Greenland whale
Fell half so high and mighty
As sitting on a mantelpiece
In Aunty Mabel's nighty.
It makes a change from Freezing Seas,
(of which a whale can tire),
To warm his tail at ease
Before an english fire.
For this delight he leaves the seas
(Unknown to Aunty Mabel),
Returning only when the dawn
Lights up the breakfast table.

--Mervyn Peake

(photo credit goes to Anna.)


Chelsea Shirley said...

the second poem is quite nice,
and the photo is toooo :)

Amator Solis said...

Love the poems, and I couldn't have taken that picture if Zoe were not so extremely adorable.