the beach

So, right now I could stand to live somewhere hot.  I think the beach would be nice.  It's a shame we live so far away, & only go once a year.  I love the whole aspect of it.  Outside all day, playing in the water, or throwing a ball on the sand, or flying a kite, all the whilst getting a tan, & freckles appear on your cheeks & nose.  A picnic, with seagulls flying around you.....and maybe a nap in the sun.  

beach babes

google steal

young love...=P
I also think it would awesome to learn how to surf:  
My dad used to be a surfer in CA, so he could teach me. I wold LOVE that.
big wave surfing
I'm supposed to get my wisdom teeth out sometime in the next few weeks.....agh! One of them has been really bothering me, but I've been using a gel that numbs your gums, so I've been
able to grin and bare it. ( Did I just make a pun?)

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