Food, food, food & music.

Last Thanksgiving, we had flurries all day, then it got cold, windy, and rainy.  The year before that, we kept getting distracted all morning while we were trying to cook, by Michael Jackson's music videos on youtube.  This year we played loud music to listen to.  
This is my playlist for today:

Not Alone, by Seabird
Bad Sun, by The Bravery
Slow dancing in a burning room, by John Mayer
Good morning, by Animal Kingdom
Hills of indigo, by Future of Forestry
Folding chair, by Regina Spektor
Elevation, by U2

Audrey and I  spent a lot of our time this morning, fantasizing about a bakery/coffee shop that we want to open.  We don't want it to be JUST LIKE EVERY THER COFFEE SHOP AROUND HERE.  We already picked out the color scheme (taken from a dum dum lollipop wrapper), we would have missed-matched furniture from thrift stores, and we would serve "uncommon" food and drinks. The only problem is where could we open it?  I hope it works out.  

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