{a few of my favorite things}

Isn't it funny how anything you do, watch, hear, or smell will bring back a truck load of memories, or your mind will store a bunch of memories for years later?? It's been happening alot to me this past week.  I heard a song I haven't heard in YEARS, and I watched a movie that will always remind me of what we did & ate the night we watched it.  

So this is what I've been dong/reading/listening to/watching this past week.  All of it quite amusing.  (For me, anyways.)

The bottle caps--that I collected over the past month or two (all 120+ of them) were bent onto a line of hemp, and will be put on the Christmas tree-as a bottle cap chain.  

The book was very good-and is only the first of a trilogy.  And thankfully I won't have to wait for the library to get the 2nd one, because my younger  sister got it for her birthday this week.  

The newsboys song "Shine"  will forever remind me of driving home with my dad in his volvo from Wednesday night bible study, when I was little.  

And the movie is so funny.  The first time I saw it was last week-& it was so funny-I had to watch it again the next day.  That movie will now always remind me of Spaghetti and coffee flavored pudding with cinnamon sprinkled on top.  (Thank you Audrey-could you please make it again soon?)

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